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Kontak Kami


Flexible and scalable infrastructure including load balancer + bandwidth and provisioning that can be installed easily and quickly in minutes. As well as unlimited integrations with OpenStack API.
Virtual Machine with high performance and capable to protect Your application and container,
with features :

  • KVM-based hypervisor
  • VM High availability
  • Flexible storage policies per VM
  • Application consistent snapshots
  • Live migration
  • Intelligent initial placement
  • Microsoft SVVP certification
  • Linked clones
Making use of server disk drive to create clustered storage to keep your data safe,
with features :

  • All-Flash, Hybrid with Tiering
  • Replication and Erasure Coding
  • Block storage plus export via iSCSI / Fiber Channel
  • Amazon S3 compatible Object Storage
  • File storage by NFS
  • High performance with InfiniBand and RDMA
Using virtual private networking best practise and virtual distributed switching :

  • Virtual Networks
  • Distributed switching
  • Virtual routing
  • Load Balancing as a Service
  • Network address translation (SNAT/DNAT)
  • Integrated DHCP and IP management
Multitenancy to build up independent Virtual Data Center :

  • Self-Service Portal for each tenant
  • Self-service portal custom integration using API
  • RBAC Model for tenant‘s safety
  • Independent private networks for each tenant
Cloud compute resource with hyperconverged infrastructure exclusive for your business or organization.

  • Support multiple types of storage protocol (S3, iSCSI, NFS).
  • Integrated with monitoring for various services.
  • Simple Management.
  • Low cost.
Location :
  • On our Data Center.
  • On Customer’s/third party’s Data Center.

Options :
  • IaaS devices provided by Eranyacloud.
  • IaaS devices provided by Customer.

Scheme :
  • Customer buy Perpetual or BYOL License.
  • Customer rent Subcription License from Eranyacloud.
  • Minimum contract 3 years.
Backup Protection
Customer’s cyber security modernization with integrated cyber protect.
Cyber Protect Cloud is the only solution that trully integrates cyber security, data protection, and management to protect data and system.

This synergy eliminates complexity. Allowing service provider to protect customers not only better, but also cost efficient.
With Cyber Protect Cloud, customers will get active functionality protection specifically in real time along with AI-based static heuristic antivirus, antimalware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technology.
Disaster Recovery Cloud
Combination of strategy and services to duplicate data, application, and other resources to different cloud location or to service provider’s location.

  • Protect data, wherever it is
  • Remote & automatic recovery options

Designed specifically to recover a system in case of disaster or Company's system operational failure in order to keep an optimal business operational for the Company to run smoothly.
Provides scalability with geo-replication support and compatible with S3. With the added value of object storage, block storage & file storage services, so customers do not need to have an on-premise infrastructure, everything is in the cloud and can be managed with a self-service UI.