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Leading to IT management outsourcing for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and improve your business operations. Often times, the internal IT department does not have sufficient resources to monitor and maintain the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Service can also handle monitoring and reporting provided in multiple reporting periods.
Consult : Assessing the current condition of Technology and Infrastructure assets and comparing with the direction of the Industry preparing a strategy towards a Cloud approach.
Coach : Recommend Change, People and Risk Management Guide to Cloud ecosystem adoption.
Create : Implement the right cloud infrastructure from options like Hybrid, Private, and Public Cloud. Build an enterprise framework for new cloud native applications and gradually re-engineer existing applications to make the most of the Cloud ecosystem.
The process of moving digital business operations to the cloud. Physical server workload migration to the cloud environment, including moving data, applications, and IT processes from multiple data centers to other data centers.

Cloud migration requires a fair amount of upfront preparation and work, but will usually be worth the effort, resulting in greater cost savings and flexibility.

  • Inventory systems and applications used.
  • Identify the cloud migration type.