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Kontak Kami


Domain name service which allow customers to publish customer services, domain names and applications in a global database. This technology makes it easier for customers to build their own infrastructure and optimize customer budgets.

  • DNS traffic management
  • Monitoring DNS zone status in each location real time.
  • DDoS Protected DNS
SSL CERtificate
Provides privacy and safety from client to domain with SSL certificate and appropriate private key certificate. Communication between client and domain remains private, undetected by any third party that doesnt have any rights or this private key.

  • Activate authentication
  • Encrypted connection
  • Green URL
2 Factor authentication is a layered identity verification method which consist:

Knowledge : Information that is known only to the user.
Possession : A hardware key that can generate a passcode.
Biometric Data : Authentication in the form of fingerprints, retina and face ID.
Location : Restricts user authentication by geographic methods.

Security Analytic
An open source security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response and compliance.

In a form of a dashboard that is used to collect, aggregate, index and analyze security data, helping companies detect intrusions, threats and behavioral anomalies.