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Kontak Kami


Learning management System
Cloud-based learning management platform. Managing online learning, in room, class & collaborative.

  • Easily accessible training materials kept online in a system.
  • Learning materials that’s given out is flexible and can be adjusted to each User’s company needs.
  • Gamification features to attract users and motivate them to take part in the training given.
  • Equipped with evaluation feature which will disclose the development of each users in training.
Email ColLaboration
Web-based email collaboration platform that can be deployed as public cloud or private cloud on-premise with features:

  • Modern, Responsive UI
    Seamless interface and consistent touch of collaboration.
  • Extensibility
    Designed to be able to integrate with other application like Dropbox, Zoom, and others.
  • Customization
    API Zimlet allows You to adjust the appearance according to your preference and needs.
  • Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty
    Our server infrastructure is reliable for safety, privacy and wholenes.
  • Easy Upgrade, No Migration Needed
    Without worrying about disrupting your work activities.
Cloud Monitoring Service
Monitoring solution that covers everything and simplified with transparant single panel without having to move to other monitoring device to get all of the scoop.
Hybrid Cloud Platform
Combination of public cloud and private cloud that users can benefit from by using public cloud for non-sensitive data and private cloud for your critical business.