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  • Free consult during period Managed Service with local support 24/7.
  • Free provisioning, setup web service, database.
  • Monitoring infrastructure (CPU, Ram, Disk, Network) plugin website service and plugin database per-instance.
  • Log retention 1 month by default.
  • Pro-active alert with custom threshold for CPU, Ram, Disk, Network.
  • Monthly reporting infrastructure and recommendation.
  • with Basic Package.
  • Application Performance Monitoring “APM” per-instance/app.
  • Tuning web service and database.
  • Pro-active alert with Basic Package with APM.
  • Monthly monitor infrastructure, APM and recommendation.
  • Include with Advanced Package.
  • Monitoring Application Security per-instance, include:
    • OS Support: Linux (Ubuntu, Centos), Windows (to be announce)
    • Web Service: IPtables, Apache, Nginx, Caddy
    • Framework: WordPress, PHP, NodeJS
    • We are have a cyber security community, it can burn cyber criminal and anonymous people.
    • IP addresses that aggressed you, it will help us curate and redistribute a qualified IP blocklist to protect other users.
    • Our team can detect by a mechanism called “decoupling”, and do immediate remediation by “bounce” algorithm.
    • It can fit any server-less, cloud-based, VM or bare-metal context in one “agent” to single “bouncer”, by system from single to multiple, multiple to single, and multiple to multiples typologies.
    • This next-gen HIDS has been not to designed just for dealing with IPs, also with user sessions and more business-oriented layers.
    • The system designed and developed by former pen-testers, SecOps & DevOps, to be a fire-and-forget, easy-to-deploy, automate, configure and maintain the software.
    • We are do collect very strict for the minimum in order to be GDPR compliant.
    • Retention data log security 1 month as default.
  • Pro-active alert MS Advanced with Security.
  • Monthly monitoring infrastructure, APM, security and recommendation.

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