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Managed Services

Multi-cloud Managed Services

Eranyacloud offers managed services for our own cloud, as well as on-premise or local servers and other public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba cloud and Google cloud provider (GCP)


We offer 3 packages of managed services solutions including; basic, advance and enterprise. Those packages are designed for you to choose the solution based on your IT operational cost.


Eranyacloud managed service provides 24x7 local support that you could reach on Tiketing, WhatsApp group or Email. Now you can focus on your business goals while we will help you to reach your IT efficiency.


Eranyacloud managed services helps customers to reach efficiency by reducing IT cost operational. Through this product, you can continuously improve your business strategy and let our team handle your IT infrastructure problems and innovations.

Advanced Security

We offer operational excellence by providing security monitoring. Our team will continuously give you a proactive alert designed to prevent and control your servers.


Our managed services will provide you with peace of mind through the entire process of setting-up, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting your application and framework. Also providing you with a monthly report for your infrastructure.

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