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“Designed for running mission-critical workloads in the cloud.”

Simple and Intuitive

Eranyacloud platform provides an easy-to-use control panel and API Integration, which allows you to create and manage cloud environments hassle free

Enterprise Infrastructure

High availability by design, Eranyacloud architecture is designed to be fully redundant with a backup server.

Advanced Networking

Eranyacloud’s platform comes with advanced networking functionalities standards, including: VPCs, Security Groups, Elastic IP Addresses, and more. It’s perfectly suited for both simple and sophisticated network topologies.

Fast provisioning

We offer fast and simple provisioning for your Virtual Machine instances, VPC networks, Elastic IP Addresses, Security Groups and any other related resources.

Multiple OS Support

Eranyacloud can be accessed in all operating systems based on your choice including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Arch, CoreOS, RancherOS, Fedora Atomic, and Windows Server.

100% NVMe storage

The underlying enterprise-grade storage infrastructure is built on all-flash, 100% NVMe-based disks for lightning-fast response times. In addition, the storage infrastructure is designed for maximum availability and business continuity.

 Live Migration

Our Live Migration technology enables proactive infrastructure maintenance, improving reliability and security. Your VMs are automatically moved to nearby hosts, even if your VMs are under extreme load while underlying host machines undergo maintenance.

Compliance & Security

Your data security is our  priority. Eranyacloud provides world-class encryption without further need for configurations. Our Cloud Platform has completed ISO-27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to information security.

Eranyacloud Compute Dashboard

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