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" Eranyacloud helps energy industries transform their operations with the most high performance cloud solutions, including kubernetes, backup protection, disaster recovery, and managed services. Eranyacloud allows enterprises to improve IT efficiency, accelerate innovations, enhance data protection, and improve IT operations. "

Improve IT efficiency

Eranyacloud offers serverless computing models that allows you to reduce the cost of day-to-day operational infrastructure. Comes with simple pricing that avoids you from bill-shock. Now you can focus on improving your business innovation and IT efficiency.

Accelerate innovations

Eranyacloud provides enterprise grade cloud products including compute, kubernetes, backup and disaster recovery, object storage, and VPN as a Service. Our cloud infrastructure uses AMD EPYC processor complete with 100% NVMe storage which allows you to feel the highest performance cloud infrastructure.

Enhance data protection

Data protection is every corporation's priority. At Eranyacloud, we provide you cloud solutions that can improve your data protection, such as Backup protect and Disaster Recovery that enhanced with essential endpoint protection capabilities and a security management toolkit for centralized administration and monitoring.

Improve IT operations

Eranyacloud provide managed service that can give you peace of mind through the entire process of setting-up, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting your application and framework. Also providing you with a monthly report for your infrastructure. It is also has multi-cloud capabilities from on premise to other global public cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.

Customer Story

Advanced Service Management

Eranyacloud provides Rh Petrogas Basin Ltd. with high Active-active workload for their Email System, Managed services including virtualization, storage, Email System and Disaster Recovery for their critical Application.

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