Create new volume

This guide will provide you with a simple and concise walkthrough on how to create a storage volume to store data on your Instances.

A volume is a storage resource that can be attached to virtual machines or instances in the cloud. It functions like a virtual hard drive, offering scalable storage solutions for your applications and data.

Getting Started

  • Login using registered account (email & password)


  • On the Service Portal account dashboard page, navigate to the left menu and click on Instance, click on Volume tab and click on ‘+’ button to open the Volume creation wizard

  • Select the preferred availability region where the volume will be created
    • DCI Indonesia
    • Faasri Datacenter

  • Click on next and provide a unique and meaningful name for the volume

  • Choose available Volume size by selecting capacity dropdown. Select standar to support web server while High vDisk for Database or cache server

  • Reviewing and Confirming:
    • Review the volume settings you’ve configured on the Summary page.
    • Verify that all the information is accurate and aligned with your needs.
    • If everything is in order, click the “Create” button to initiate the volume creation process.

Table Of Content