Empowering the company with the capability to efficiently centralize and consolidate all of its critical business data.

Arkbase’s valuable data security is well-preserved from potential data leak threats

With Eranya Cloud Drive services, PT Arkelindo Bara Sejahtera has experienced ease of access and management of business data. In the effort to meet the evolving digital era, this solution empowers the company to centralize all its data, enabling teams from various divisions to collaborate more effectively and make decisions based on consistent information. Moreover, implementing this cloud drive solution has resulted in significant operational efficiency gains, as PT Arkelindo Bara Sejahtera no longer needs to invest resources in building and managing their physical storage infrastructure. This allows the company to focus on its core business, plan for growth, and provide better customer service.

Regarding data security, we recognize the importance of preserving the confidentiality and integrity of business information. Therefore, we have implemented a strong Secure Socket Layer (SSL) service, which continuously protects PT Arkelindo Bara Sejahtera’s data on the internet. With advanced encryption, the company’s valuable information remains safe from potential leaks or manipulations. Our solution is not only about ease of access and efficiency but also about providing the best protection for PT Arkelindo Bara Sejahtera’s valuable digital assets. As a reliable technology partner, our commitment is to continue providing solutions that empower their business growth while ensuring their data remains secure and well-protected.

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