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No vendor lock

Innovation driven by open-source technology without vendor lock-in and extensive platform integration (hardware, virtual, bare metal, and cloud).

Cost effective

Cost-effective solutions with no product and service limitations, suitable for medium-sized organizations and large enterprises.

OS optimization

The operating system is fully optimized for networking. As a result, it can operate at layer 7 with more than 140 thousand concurrent users and at layer 4 with more than 10 million concurrent users with only 2 dedicated cores.

DoS protection

Provides an integrated IPDS security system with a real-time black hole list, DoS protection, and protection from the most common network attacks.

Eranyacloud WAF Product

Eranyacloud offers a comprehensive suite of Web Application Firewall (WAF) products designed to fortify the security posture of web applications, ensuring robust protection against a threats.

EranyaCloud WAF +

Cloud-based All-in-One Security Platform 

Trusted by banks and governments, Eranyacloud WAF+ stands as a comprehensive web security solution preventing attacks. WAF+ leverages patented AI algorithms honed over two decades of security R&D experience.

EranyaCloud RAS

Zero Trust-based Remote Access Solution

In an era of remote and dispersed workforces, Eranyacloud’s RAS (Remote Access Solution) ensures secure network management at all times and from any location.

Eranyacloud ADDoS 

Ultimate Defense Against DDoS Attack 

With swift response times, ample capacity, and cost-effectiveness, Eranyacloud ADDoS emerges as the optimal choice against increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Minimum contract for using WAF?

The license is calculated per year for Appliance-based.

I don't understand how to use WAF?

There is Managed Services available, which can manage WAF from implementation, Security Policy Building, Traffic management, Daily operation, etc.

How many Instances are created for Appliance-based?

It's a single instance and can be customized for High Availability as per request, with additional licenses (2 licenses).

For the Cloud-based version, is it scalable?

You can start from a small setup and scale as you grow according to your needs.

I have a SIEM Dashboard for monitoring, can it be integrated?

Yes, it can be integrated with SIEM (Splunk, Wazuh, Elastic, etc.).

Is there an API available?

Yes, there are JSON and REST APIs available.

Is its Attack Signature always updated?

Yes, there are updates in accordance with the database/findings from OWASP and CVE.

I'm concerned about too many False positives and blocking legitimate requests?

NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) has a Signature Pattern Matching system that can detect Zero-day attacks, with Signature matching according to the Technology Stack used in the protected Application, with very low false positives.

Can it protect against DDoS?

Yes, it includes DDOS Layer 7 protection.

What types of Attacks can it detect?

L7 Attacks like SQL Injection, OS command injection, XSS, Directory traversal, illegal encoding, Buffer overflow, Bot detection, DDoS L7, Session injection, etc. are detected.

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