Backup Protect & Disaster Recovery

Protect All Your Business Data From Unexpected Events

Eranyacloud’s Backup Protect & Disaster Recovery comes with essential endpoint protection and an administration security configuration and monitoring toolkit

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Enjoy our product benefits

Advanced Security

Enhance your security services with integrated cyber protection, including full-stack anti-malware. Increase your detection and response capabilities to the latest cyber threats.

Advanced Backup

Maintain client data, even among scheduled backups. Expand backup capabilities to SAP HANA, Oracle DB, MariaDB, MySQL, and application clusters.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent sensitive data leaks from client workloads through peripheral devices and network communications.

Advanced Management

Simplify vulnerability management and promptly close gaps in your client's IT infrastructure through patch management.

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Make disaster recovery painless and improve efficiency with orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover.

Active Protection & Reporting

Protection for backups and recovery. Forensics is available and always active by default. Reporting and logs are collected 24/7.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see all the features of Acronis?

You can see all the features of Acronis here:

What is the backup process like?

For initial data, a Golden Copy of the entire data with the same total disk size will be created. Then, subsequent backups only include data changes (Delta data).

I don't want the backup process to be performed during office hours because it will consume resources. Is that possible?

In the Admin panel, you can set the backup schedule parameters, such as what time and how often (e.g., every 6 hours or once a day).

How many backup retentions can I store?

It depends on the backup storage and your specific needs.

If my infrastructure has issues, are my backup data safe?

Yes, because it's stored in the cloud (not as a snapshot) and can be restored to a different infrastructure (as Disaster Recovery).

I have no experience with Acronis, can I get assistance?

There is a Managed Backup service, and our Managed Services team will handle all backups and features as needed.

How much backup time is required?

The backup time depends on the size of the VM being backed up and the available bandwidth. The larger the bandwidth, the faster the backup.

If I frequently perform backups and have a high restore frequency, is there a cost?

It's free of charge; the charges apply only to the VM Agent and backup storage.

If my existing VM is infected with malware, is my backup data safe?

Yes, the files backed up to the cloud are clean from malware, ransomware, and viruses.

I have 1000 VMs on VMware, do I have to back them up one by one?

No, you can implement the Acronis agent in virtualization, and the agent will intelligently detect all assets/VMs.

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