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Fast Business Growth with Minimal Resources

Most fintech companies are startups that have limited resources, with rapid business growth. For example, increasing application features, managing customer databases, optimizing the transaction process, verifying customer data, and meeting data reporting requirements

High Business Sustainability

Service stability and data accuracy are the core of the financial business. Every transaction must be processed precisely and responsively without delay.

Competitive Industry

Fintech companies are currently facing strict competition pressure, which encourages them to meet customer expectations of service quality. Customers want products that are easy to use, responsive applications, and intelligent capabilities despite facing the complexity of the rules. This situation encourages fintech companies to find information technology solutions that can adapt quickly


Fast Business Growth with Minimal Resources

Eranyacloud managed services offer extensive infrastructure management solutions, ranging from our internal cloud to leading cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and On-Premises. Our professional team is ready to help you 24/7 in operating your IT system, ranging from web service configurations, and databases, to framework applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

We also provide proactive monitoring for cloud and on-premise infrastructure, as well as help solve problems with operating systems, web services, and databases. Automatic monitoring warnings will be sent immediately in the event of a system error. Our support team is ready to provide free discussions, technical recommendations, and assistance to escalate problems to vendors or third parties.

Our services also include application performance management and security monitoring, helping you understand the root causes of the decline in performance and analyze security comprehensively

High Business Sustainability

Disaster Recovery Eranycloud service provides a fast and stable solution for data recovery to the cloud and transfer of workload from machines that are damaged to recovery servers at the cloud. This is useful in overcoming human errors or natural disasters. Our service solutions run through a console using a safe VPN tunnel, allowing connections to the cloud without the need for additional VPN tools or using the Point-to-Site connection between your local site and the cloud. We protect your machine by using a recovery server on the cloud, as well as conducting a disaster recovery operation automatically for the encrypted backup

Competitive Industry

With high IAAS performance, availability of 2 data centers, and fast ability to improve or reduce capacity according to the needs of the company, the Eranyacloud provides a strong storage, server, and the latest technology network in 2 data centers to meet customer needs. With adjusted scalability, providing additional flexibility and rapid response in dealing with opportunities and requirements that are always changing

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